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Changing your accountant

What you need to know

Changing accountant is a major business decision and one that should not be taken lightly.

Most people are fearful about changing their accountant. There is no need to be fearful. Changing accountants is straightforward and we can do most of the work for you.

Once the decision is taken the changeover process should be straightforward and painless:

  • The client should notify their present accountant of their decision
  • The new accountant writes to the previous accountant
  •  The old accountant provides any information needed to effect a smooth handover
  • 4. For tax appointments we also contact Revenue informing them that you are now our client, and we are your tax agent.

If you are unhappy with the level of service you are getting from your current accountant please contact us and we will assist you with making the transition.

The reasons why you might want to change your accountant may include:

  •  You are unhappy with the level of service from your existing accountant
  • You are being charged too much
  • You are receiving poor advice
  • Issues with returns to revenue linked to your accountant
  • Issues with TAX and VAT – you feel your accountant should tell you more
  • Your accountant does not understand your business
  • You never see your existing accountant
  • You find it difficult to speak to your existing accountant

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Changing accountant is a major business decision and one that should not be taken lightly...
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