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VAT /Payroll/RCT


The majority of businesses are registered for VAT. VAT can be an onerous burden for many businesses in terms of time and cost. At John E Hughes & Co we provide an efficient and cost effective VAT service, using online filing to ensure compliance for all clients. We also deal with Revenue audits and agree settlements when necessary.


We provide a complete suite of services for all ongoing PAYE and payroll functions. There are several different taxes and charges including income tax (PAYE), employees and employers PRSI and the universal social charge, each with their own method of calculation.

We provide a full range of payroll services tailored to meet our clients’ particular requirements in this area. We recognise the significant cost to employers of operating and complying with the PAYE/PRSI system and so our focus is not only on getting the basics right but doing so in a cost efficient manner.


Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) is a withholding tax which applies to the industries of construction, forestry and meat processing. RCT is a complicated tax that affects a surprising number of individuals and businesses including public and non-for-profit organisations. Failure to comply with the RCT regulations can be very expensive. We can look after all administrative issues regarding RCT to ensure full compliance and avoid penalties.

What we offer

  • Weekly payroll services including pay slips
  • Monthly and annual Revenue returns
  • Staff registration and deregistration
  • Redundancy and dismissal advice
  • Tax efficient solutions

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